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Brighten society by Logistics × IT

Knowing its business more than customers.

We will aim for further contribution based on [On site one hundred times] for both business and human resource development.


Under the new group structure, C NET sets three S plus two Ss for further contribution to the logistics industry. Speed, Specialty, Satisfaction, Secure & Strategy always with 5 S in mind, we will give results. 


It is the spirit of [site one hundred times] that becomes the foundation.


First of all, from the viewpoint of sales, development, and management activities that take advantage of knowledge as a company over 27 consecutive years of our C NET as a major premise to know the business more than the customer, and a spirit of challenging regardless of the established facts, We would like to contribute to resolving at least one site problem. 


We will work hard to cultivate human resources through the pathway of those businesses.


A person who can love himself is one having the qualities of loving and raising businesses. 

We hope to cultivate skills to utilize what we learned and acquired knowledge on the scene and provide support that is spare for the growth of each employee. 

Also, as a leading company in the workplace where women can be active, we will work on creating a more advanced structure. 

We would like to ask for further support for the activities of C NET for the new era.

January 2018
Masaya Nishimura
(C Net Co., Ltd. President)
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