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1992 :

Established C Net.

The founder's current CEO was shocked by the state of art of the warehouse management system in the United States and he decided to develop this system in Japan. C Net. has established in Funabashi city, Chiba.

1993 :

Business tie-up with Komatsu Forklift Co., Ltd. (now is Komatsu Lift Co., Ltd.)

1994 :

New Business Council and New business grand prize "Encouragement award" received.

1995 :

Joint venture with "POLMA" Taiwanese software company.

1996 :

Business alliance with "IBM Asia Pacific".

1997 :

Released a full-version cold storage warehouse management system.

In The Year of 2000 to 2004 :

  • Released logistics magic linking warehouse management, dispatch management, and operation management.


  • Business alliance with Matsushita Industrial Equipment Systems Engineering, development and sales.


  • Released the center of the management system with three companies; C Net, Kirin Logistics, and Kirin Engineering.


  • Ported C Net Himalayas to ASP dotted jp inventory management service, started trial of ASP service.


  • Business tie-up with Digicode (current SBI Business Solutions Co., Ltd.)


  • Business tie-up with Intermec Inc., a major automated recognition system in the US.


  • Business tie-up with NEC Corporation in the SCM solution field for the restaurant service industry.

  • Received the Excellence Management Award at the Chiba Industrial Club "9th Chiba Prefecture Venture Business Management Award".


In The Year of 2005 to 2011 :

  • Released next generation WMS CX-Himalayas with inter-company communication focused on XML technology.


  • Released of a multi-tariff dotted fare management system. Business tie-up with Kepco Systems Co., Ltd. as licensing technology partner.


  • Business tie-up with Genesta Inc., a US voice recognition system venture company.


  • Released "Promotional goods and consumable goods management system". 


  • Business tie-up with sales of speech recognition system with Toyo Kanetsu Solutions Co., Ltd.


  • Acquired certification of "ISO / IEC 27001" an international standard relating to information security management system (ISMS). 


  • Business tie-up with Korea M3 Mobile.


  • Released "Mail order inventory management system" for mail-order businesses.


  • Multilingual version inventory management system for Asian logistics.


  • Establishment of a joint venture company "Takumi Logistics Relief Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd." 

  • Release cloud type "ci.Himalayas" series.


  • Released inventory management system "ci.Himalayas/ec" for mail order logistics.


  • Multilingual version inventory management system "ci.Himalayas/Asia".


  • Released Speech recognition system "ci .Himalayas/voice" and released the Japanese version of the speech recognition system "ci.Himalayas/voice/ex".


  • Released  DPS synchronized speech recognition system "Boydesy".


In The Year of 2012 until NOW :

  • Joint patent acquisition with Ajinomoto Engineering Co., Ltd.


  • Establishment of support center "Beijing Shinguistic System Co., Ltd." in Beijing, China · Introduced PACNET's "Premium Plus DIA" to enhance infrastructure in Japan and overseas.

  • Offline environment-compatible speech recognition system "ci.Himalayas/voice/anywhere". 

  • Handy solution "ci.Himalayas/HALO" for overseas logistics sites released. 


  • Business tie-up with, e-Synergy and logistics system support in ASEAN district.


  • Establishment of support center in Bangkok, Thailand. Exhibit at International Logistics Comprehensive Exhibition 2014.


  • "Cloud type remote monitoring service" released. "Release inspection solution for inspection/packing work movie" released.


  • Local subsidiary "C NET (Thailand) Co., Ltd." founded in Thailand, Bangkok.


  • Establishment of the new company "C Net Connect Service Co., Ltd."

  • Establishment of overseas affiliate "Shanghai Branch Science Technology Co., Ltd." in Shanghai, China.


  • Start of data center operation in Beijing, China · "Audio Sorting Sorting System" released, also "Voice inspection system" patent acquisition.


  • Establishment of support center in Myanmar · Establishment of support center in Indonesia.


  • Establish "Shinket Group Co., Ltd." Transfer group companies to holding system. 

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