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The future of logistics connected by the cloud.

Since its establishment in 1992, it is a pioneer of warehouse management system (WMS) vendors who have worked on improving work efficiency and quality through systematization as one part of logistics. 

Due to the efficient system of own development and in-house marketing, we always present optimal solutions to the problems of logistics sites of diverse industries, industries and business types, and we have achieved WMS package shipment price No. 1 for 7 consecutive years since 2011 I will.

Today, with the cloud know-how cultivated through the provision of WMS's cloud over 15 years and by incorporating customer's opinions, we have improved and expanded each time, incorporating standardized functions that are enhanced, making SCM's visualization = KPI management powerful We support this. 

In addition, by providing various solutions for efficiency improvement = measures to deal with human resources, applying state-of-the-art technologies such as speech recognition and image recognition, we support the resolution of management issues of each company from the perspective of logistics.

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